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Georgia on my mind! Fig House Vintage is here to stay!

Posted by Stephanie Alegre on



 I can’t believe I’m finally posting my first blog! Many people often inquire about where and how the store started. Fig House Vintage was born as the “Enchanted Fig Tree” back in 2011 and I hit the ground running as soon as the shop opened.  I was a young mom of a little toddler boy named Eli and I needed to find a way to generate some income as well as channel my creativity and love of history. 

 Seven years later, with an 11-year-old boy and darling eight-year-old little girl named Eva Sofia, we now have a warehouse and second location and shipping all over the country! 

 Sometimes I come across some special pieces with local historical perspective, such as this Edmond Ast bust (self-portrait) collection.  Can’t wait to post our new finds here. Follow along as I scour all of Georgia looking for special pieces for your space.





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