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Collection of Small Picture/Plate Holders- Collection of 7

  • $ 149.00

This is a beautiful collection of mis-matched picture holders. This would be perfect for an artist that needs multiple, or the interior designer/enthusiast!
STYLES: Art Deco 

MATERIALS: Metal, Plastic, Wood 

COLORS: Brown, Brass, Transparent

DIMENSIONS: W: 4in D: 4in H: 8in 

PERIOD: 1970s 

CONDITION: Vintage/used, original condition, some imperfections 

CONDITION NOTES: Florentine holder dimensions: W: 5in D: 7.5in H: 10.5in
Lucite holder dimension: W: 5in D: 3in H: 4.5in
Smaller brass holder dimensions: W: 5in D: 6in H: 6in
Wooden holder dimensions: W: 6in D: 4in H: 7in
Bamboo holder dimensions: W: 4in D: 5in H: 6in
Larger brass holder dimensions: W: 9in D: 5in H: 7.5in

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